LA LISTE TUNISIENNE is a collection of household items, designed by Laurence Touitou and produced in Tunisia. The items are inspired by Tunisian classics adapted to our use and need, and imagined to be integrated in a contemporary universe.
The collection includes natural fiber rugs, floor cushions, placemats, tablecloths, table
plates, foutas and dresses for the house. The story of each one of these Tunisian crafts classics guided their own conception, from the mere observation of a ceramic pattern to the very detail of a wedding dress.
The 2016 summer collection has been developed around three distinctive themes of the Tunisian crafts: the fouta’s three stripes pattern, the raw materials, the old ceramic patterns and the embroidery. 

Tunisian born designer. Trained as an architect. Active for 20 years in the fields of music and culture. Has always been attracted by the artisans work all over the world. Collects items of the Tunisian artisanal heritage.
Settled in Tunisia 6 years ago. Designer of LA LISTE TUNISIENNE collection.

I love my country, ever since I’ve been born, and I missed it during all the long years I lived and was educated in France. I’ve always admired the talent of my family, the history of my country, and I wanted to pay tribute to it. I was taught simplicity by my parents, who were pioneers in Tunisia in the sixties, always on the lookout for the modern spirit of Le Corbusier and of the Scandinavian creators, building and furnishing my early childhood home. Furthermore, I’ve always been attracted by the simplicity of the Tunisian classical artisanal heritage. My house is filled with these memories and items. I’ve adapted them in order to design LA LISTE TUNISIENNE collection. I love the Mediterranean singularity of Tunisia as well as the mixture of its cultural influences. I had the chance to witness the historical moment of the Tunisian revolution and I am proud to have stayed in Tunisia to build the future of our country with the Tunisians, together, engaging with the civil society in citizen and cultural actions. 
Both the project and the team of LA LISTE TUNISIENNE participate in this process and work along with artisans, passionates about their art and keepers of their Know-how.
The Workshop of LA LISTE TUNISIENNE is situated in Khereddine, on the outskirts of Tunis, at Villa Marie Antoinette. Khereddine is the area where my family lived in my grand- parents’ house, on the seafront. 

Artistic Direction : Yasmine Sfar
Photos : Francis Hugh
Videos : Ahmed Souayed
Music Videos : Gal3y

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