The bowl of Lablabi. This bowl is used to serve the typical Tunisian chickpea soup in the street restaurants. It is the most popular classic of traditional Tunisian pottery.
We collect the old bowls and track down the ones which are still produced according to the tradition. We like to see them piled up in our kitchen, and we use them to serve an appetizer salad , present the fruits, etc.  We also use them  as « empty pockets » as we love their simplicity and primitive purity.
We kept the original model and conceived a new one using the two enamel colors of Nabeul's ancient pottery.
The potter Habib has kept his old potter’s wheel and also his knack. He is one of the few remaining in this pottery area of Nabeul, next to the hill which provides for the clay with which these bowls are manufactured.

The Lablabizm bowl is hand turned on a potter’s wheel with the following steps:
-Sun drying during 20 days
-First cooking in a wood oven
-Hand sanding the surface of the bowls
-manual laying of the enamel
-Second cooking in a gas oven.