Somaa refers to a village situated in the surroundings of Nabeul, the city of potters and rug makers.
Jamila weaves wild palm fibers since her early childhood to make baskets and rugs.
Her work has inspired us and made us think of the somaa rug, so we asked her to weave circles of different diameters to come up with this rug.
In this video, she explains and shows her work method
During one of our trips to Somaa, she cooked for us the typical dish of the region, the Mloukhia, a saucy dish made with Corchorus plant’s powder, “the Mloukhia” (also called nalta jute or tossa jute). One of the Tunisians’ favorite dish despite its appearance.
The Mloukhia is to be eaten with bread, and it’s even better if it is accompanied with the good freshly baked hot traditional bread, the Tabouna. Then, before getting to Jamila’s home, you need to stop by Mokhtar, the baker of the village.

The two women, Djamila and Ichraf, accomplices, weave and put together each handmade wild palm fiber circle.